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Amabella Lifting Threads PDO

  • Material: PDO
  • Type: Mono, Twin, Screw, Double Screw, Cogs, Dual Needles
  • Quantity per pouch: 10
  • Needle type: normal, cannula
  • Shelf Life: 24months
  • Certificates: CE, KFDA
  • Made in: South Korea


Our mission is provide safe and effective products, that will make people beautiful and healthy.

That's why we make sure, all of our products have been tested in clinical trials and were approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Amabella Lifting Threads also have CE approval, that proves safety and high quality of the product.   


There are 16 types of Amabella Threads: Mono, Twin, Screw, Double Screw and 14 types of Cog threads. 



Amabella Lifting Threads enable tightening and lifting effect as well as smoothing wrinkles. If the thread is inserted into the adipose tissue, natural lipoysis is stimulated. Consequently the number of adipocytes and its volume decreases.
The presence of the foreign body PDO and the mechanical injury by the needle enables the production of collagen. It stimulates and increases metabolism and blood flow to the treated area. Induced collagen surrounding PDO thread.

  • - Tissue damage through insertion of needle
    - Mechanical stimulation by insertion of needle - Physical support with thread
    - Chemical stimulation by the thread
    - The regeneration process affects the skin immediately and positively influence the facial skin color
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We believe that our mission is to provide Safety to those who decided to take an Aesthetic Beauty Treatment.

That's why we always make sure that all our products are Safe and Quality is complying with World Standards. And if you share our values, we have product that you are looking for!